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About us


As an alternative asset manager we manage alternative investment funds. Attractive returns through collateralized loan obligations and the bundling of secured corporate loans are our specialty


The founders Christiane Wenzel and Jürgen Nott are still active as managing partners in the operative business. Mrs. Wenzel as our CIO is responsible for portfolio management and Mr. Nott as our CEO is responsible for sales, marketing and business development.

Christiane Wenzel

Founder, shareholder and managing director


Christiane Wenzel relies on 22 years of extensive experience in active investment management with a focus on CLO investments – of which more than ten years directly in insurance finance and leadership positions. During her activities at the insurance companies Provinzial Rheinland, AXA and DKV (ERGO), Christiane Wenzel was responsible for various investment categories such as SSD, Pfandbriefe, corporates, fund of funds (FoF) and other complex investment products. Most recently, Christiane Wenzel was a director of Deutsche Asset Management Investmentgesellschaft mbH, Deutsche Bank Group, responsible for the development, management and performance of the CLOs product group. She holds a diploma in mathematics from the Friedrich Schiller University in Jena.

Jürgen Nott

Founder, shareholder and managing director


Jürgen Nott worked for Deutsche Bank for more than 20 years, with over 10 years as a Managing Director responsible for the development and expansion of the Collateralized Debt Obligation (CDO) business at Deutsche Asset Management and for the performance as a collateral manager. Since the launch of the first CDO, Jürgen Nott has also been responsible for the business development, which he has raised into a global platform through his own teams and cooperation in Frankfurt, London, Singapore and New York. Jürgen Nott managed more than 200 institutional clients and an investment portfolio (corporate lending and structured products) of more than 20 billion US dollars with his global teams. He holds a bachelor’s degree from the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management (formerly Bankakademie) and a Master of Business Mathematics from the University of Ulm.

Why Infinigon?

The company was founded in 2010 by the two managing directors Christiane Wenzel and Jürgen Nott, two industry veterans with more than 50 years of experience in asset management. Since then, we have gained excellent access to the market and a comprehensive network of business partners.

Infinigon was founded for institutional investors such as pension funds and insurance companies and has since continued to develop further for other customer groups. As a highly specialized portfolio manager for collateralized loan obligations, we deliver year after year performance for our clients. We understand your framework conditions, investment criteria and regulatory requirements and implement them accordingly. We have been following this specialization and this service successfully for almost 10 years now.


Infinigon is 100% owned by the two founders and is completely independent in business decisions and business partner selection. Short decision-making processes and their consistent implementation have been a pillar of our performance and the best service quality for over € 600 million assets under management since the foundation for more than 25 institutional investors in Germany.


Our expertise can be summed up briefly: Understanding our clients, which include insurance companies, pension funds and pension funds, defining goals, developing solutions in line with our core expertise, and meeting or exceeding sustainable expectations.


More than 25 institutional investors in Germany rely on the quality of our performance and tailored reporting. Be it insurance companies, pension funds, pension funds, foundations or family offices. We understand our customers and their needs.


Efficiency & Transparency

As an independent asset manager specializing in the needs of institutional investors, it goes without saying that we manage our clients’ mandates and make the service available in such a way that client mandates can be managed and monitored efficiently. We understand our customers!

Success Factors

We manage each mandate entrusted to us individually and with the utmost care and dedication. We have your specifications, such as Focusing precisely on risk parameters with the goal of sustainably achieving the agreed return targets within these limits.

Independent specialist
for secured

Experience since 1999 in this asset class

Regulatory expertise on insurance companies, pension funds, foundations and banks

Track Record

Individual customized portfolios & mandates from AAA to Non – Rated

Individual investors reports and services

Our strengths

We do not only think beyond the boundaries of conventional asset classes, we act as alternative asset managers in the interests of institutional investors – with foresight and success.


Managing a CLO portfolio is not passive management. The CLOs have to be regularly tested for changes and potential buy candidates are tracked. To set up this enormous effort as automatically and as clearly as possible, we have developed our own administrative portal. This allows all required information to be read out and analyzed quickly and reliably.


Our credo is customer satisfaction! As an independent financial service provider, we are committed to the wishes and investment requirements of our customers. We implement this accordingly.


Over the past few years, Infinigon has become one of the most successful alternative asset managers. We have a team of experienced employees with different expertise. This experience is reflected in the excellent performance and best service quality.


Risk management is there to consciously know and estimate risks and to decide whether to take or avoid these risks. Since the risk requirements for each mandate are different, the estimations per mandate are also different. In order to maintain a reliable overview here, we track all movements in the risk figures in our portfolio management system.


Managing a CLO portfolio is not passive management. The CLOs have to be regularly tested for changes and potential buy candidates are tracked. To set up this enormous effort as automatically and as clearly as possible, we have developed our own administrative portal. This allows all required information to be read out and analyzed quickly and reliably.


We decide for ourselves which decisions will be made, not a parent company or a group. This opens up opportunities through short service paths and quick decision-making to be able to pursue trends immediately. In addition, we can choose our counterparts according to our own requirements, thereby excluding potential conflicts of interest.

What are Collateralized Loan Obligations?

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