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CLO Collateral Loan Obligations

Collateralized Loan obligations are collateralized corporate loans that are pooled into a securitization and divided into rated tranches. This creates a highly granular and diversified investment opportunity.

The ratings range from AAA to NR (Not Rated).


Everything is possible with the Collateralized Loan Obligation asset class.


From direct investment, managed accounts, special funds, mutual funds to individual issues such as registered bonds or promissory note loans, this asset class can be used for all opportunities.

Let us work together to find out which investment vehicle is right for you and which strategy should be embedded in this format.



Target Return

AAA Rating with 1% annual return or 10% annual return without rating – your return/risk profile decides.

CLO Market

Depending on the rating category in combination with the European or American CLO market or both together, your individual target return can be achieved.

Experience since 1999

Infinigon offers you different orientations and the acting persons are experienced since 1999 in this market segment.

Investment Requirements

Customizable portfolios to match your overall direction – we are happy to show you your options.


CLOs can be differentiated in many ways. This allows us to react flexibly to market changes and also meet your specifications.

Think of what is crucial for you: Ratings, Distributions, Performance or volatilities? A mix of them all?

CLOs offer different characteristics that we are happy to use for you.



Special Funds

Conception and specification in form of a special fund – “best fit” for your portfolio management.


Conception and specification in form of a special fund – “best fit” for your portfolio management. Determine the distributions yourself and define your own investment requirements.

Yields & Investor Types

Unlike other asset classes, CLOs offer a broader range of ratings and therefore a wider range of returns. Infinigon GmbH manages special funds in the highest rating categories for very different types of investors with different investment specifications, right up to very sporting mandates in the lower rating categories.

Switching from defensive to sporting mandates within a short time and vice versa is possible in this asset class, depending of course on the financial market.

What are Collateralized Loan Obligations?

Infinigon explains CLOs simple and easy.