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CLO Collateral Loan Obligations

Collateralized Loan Obligations are collateralized corporate loans that are pooled into a securitization and divided into rated tranches. This creates a highly granular and diversified investment opportunity. The rating spectrum ranges from AAA to NR (Not Rated).


HAIC I is our first registered bond based on Collateralized Loan Obligations. We have launched this registered bond with a term of 10 years in November 2016. The registered bond has been awarded a BBB rating by the rating agency Scope. There will be an annual coupon of 2.60% p.a. and additional surplus participation as well as the opportunity to participate in rising interest rates. In addition, we are building up a reserve account that can increase to up to 5% of the issue volume by the end of the term.

Registered Bond
BBB Rating | 2,60% Coupon p.a.
Term 10 Years | EURO

Registered Bond

A registered bond is a bond and generally not transferable and cannot be traded on a stock exchange. Due to this lack of marketability, the registered bond is only suitable for institutional / professional investors. This type of bond is often endowed with a multi-year term.

Reserve Account

The reserve account is a security mechanism for investors in the bond. This account is continually replenished from current earnings over the term and, if the case may be, it is ready to bridge a gap in the coupon.


A coupon in the traditional sense is the portion of a security that entitles you to redeem the dividend. Today, the coupon is synonymous with the nominal interest rate of a security, i. If the coupon is 3.5%, the interest is paid on a pro rata basis of 3.5% interest on the nominal amount.

What areĀ Collateralized Loan Obligations?

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