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CLO Collateral Loan Obligations

Collateralized Loan Obligations are collateralized corporate loans that are pooled into a securitization and divided into rated tranches. This creates a highly granular and diversified investment opportunity. The rating spectrum ranges from AAA to NR (Not Rated).

Mutual Funds

Our Infinigon Investment Grade Collateralized Loan Fund BI provides access to a diversified portfolio of collateralized investment grade corporate loans. The Fund is designed to deliver a strong current return through the annual distribution. This distribution will be charged to the unit price which is reduced by the amount of the distribution on the balance sheet date. In addition, we have been able to build up a good performance track record since the launch and thus bring a good return to investors.

Mutual Funds Key Figures
Volume: 42 Mio. EURO

Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds are open to every investor. They are the „standard case“ in German investment law. However, access of different groups of investors may be limited in the fund documents, eg. Retail clients are excluded.


The term investment grade refers to bonds with good to very good credit ratings. This refers to all bonds that can at least have a “BBB / Baa” rating.


A Distributing Fund distributes the ordinary and extraordinary income received by the Fund to the Shareholders. This reduces the unit price on the day of the distribution by the amount distributed.

What are Collateralized Loan Obligations?

Infinigon explains CLOs simple and easy.